All my life I have lived with the haunting sounds of trains in the distance.  When I was a small child my family lived in Columbus, Ohio where I was born.  I have no idea how close we lived to the trains, but you could hear their soft rumbling in the distance not unlike thunder.

When we moved from Ohio we lived in one of our favorite homes. It was a two bedroom apartment with two entrances. One of the best features was the large screened in back porch and for me the sound of trains as I lay in bed at night. As children my mother would take us for long walks and sometimes she would treat us to ice cream cones from the High's dairy store. The trains ran behind the store, their muted colored cars rattling the tracks as they rode by.

High school years began with a move for the family. It was abrupt and unexpected. We moved into a large apartment complex out of necessity. I don't think any of us liked it. There was an absence of trains. At the end of my high school years we moved again. Our place was up on a hill and the sound of trains would waft into the windows at night carried on a breeze. I slept a contented sleep most nights, but when I was heartbroken the trains soothed me.

Years later at 22 I moved out on my own and found a little apartment. The sound of trains was still nearby.  A later move only a block away still kept me within ear shot of that favorite sound.  I never sought the trains out, they just followed me like the moon when you drive at night. Now I live in a neighboring state.  I smiled when I first heard it. I was home.  As I fought insomnia recently I heard their soothing familiar sound. The blast of a train horn and slow rumble of steel on steel. It is the sound of the archor of my roots.

Do you have a constant sound,smell or sight in your life? Something that just makes home feel like home?

Train tracks in the morning due to take me far away. Shame I just can't share them with you I have to get away---Lonette McKee,  from the album "Words and Music"
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pecan Trees, Oak Trees, and Pine Trees....always remind me of home.
    it's like a breath of fresh air every time i see one...there's a familiarity there.

  2. Analisa Says:

    Trees, what a lovely reminder of home.

  3. f8hasit Says:

    A past Ohioan!
    Mine was trains as well. I still love the sound, but they started re-routing them and they don't travel nearby much anymore.

    You've a new follower. I like the tone of your writing.

  4. Margie Says:

    Hello Analisa
    I really enjoyed this post.
    Thank you!

    What reminds me of home is the ocean, the sound of it, the smell of it, the color of it.
    The ocean gives me a deep sense of peace!


  5. Michelle H. Says:

    Rain in the country. There's nothing else so special than to see and smell it coming among along the wild grasses

  6. septembermom Says:

    What a lovely, well-written post. There can be something very thrilling and even romantic about the sound of trains. I think of some wonderful novels filled with adventure and chance encounters.

    The sounds that I grew up with are so different from the sounds that surround my children. I grew up in the Bronx, NY so I heard lots of sidewalk activity and traffic noises. Everything was always on the move. My kids get to hear soft breezes rustle the trees and birds here in the suburbs. They would probably think that my childhood neighborhood is too loud and crazy :) I liked it!

    Thanks so much for your kind words and advice about living with my moody teenager to be. I like your idea of trying to lighten things up and making him feel special and laugh. I'll give it a try.

  7. First, Analisa: Thank you SO SO much for the lovely card...when GMR brought it to me from our mailbox, I just smiled and smiled - thank you.

    Second -love this line: "they just followed me like the moon when you drive at night" !

    I also love trains - I don't hear them now, living on my mountain, but, I can remember living near trains here and there - I still love the sound of a train.

    Now, I have the sound of my creek singing ... ahhh and the wind in the tops of trees - I am among tops of trees.

  8. Analisa Says:

    F8hasit-Thanks so much for you comment. Welcome to my blog.

    Margie, that sounds wonderful. I have never lived near the ocean,but I am just on the second half of life so who knows...

    Yep I also love the sound of rain must be wonderful in the country.Welcome!

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Yes city sounds, kids playing kickball and the final call as mother's shouted out of their windows when dusk approached for all us rug rats to come home. Those were my daylight sounds in DC.PS-no worries he will be fine.

    Girl if you didn't already know it I LOVE YOU!!! I am glad the card made you smile. Yeah like my mom says right before she gives herself a compliment "If I have to say so myself" I liked that line too.
    See ya over at TG.

  9. Analisa Says:

    All, just so you know I can't see my followers. It is like waking up and finding all my neighbors gone. But I can still read your comments and visit you, but can't see your followers either. Ugh...

  10. Caitlin Says:

    Lovely post.
    The smell of Tide laundry detergent and the sound of wind chimes always reminds me of home...

  11. Analisa Says:

    Isn't it wonderful the way a smell can flood you with memories. I still remember my Moms perfume. It was an old Avon one called Somewhere. Way before your time LOL. Windchimes make me think of Takoma Park, MD where my mom now lives. You can hear them as you walk past houses.

    Your post about the GYN visit was a hoot!

  12. I love train sounds. They remind me of staying summers with my grandparents, whose home was filled with peace and fun.

    I also enjoy crickets' happy chirping in the dark. Like saying, "No darkness can overcome the light of Jesus' love."

  13. This post brought back my own memories of listening to the trains as a child in my family home in PA. I think the sound I love now that follows me and gives me pause are the catydids. I love to hear them on a summer night.
    I wanted to thank you for your great posts on my blog. You are real and share some great information:)

  14. Torie Jayne Says:

    Lovely post! Have a sweet day!x

  15. Teri Says:

    I remember the sound of trains when I was a kid, but it was only when we visited my great aunt and uncle. Since we were not used to the sound (right near the tracks), we would wake up several times the first couple of nights. After that, we got used to it.

    Great memories of yours. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Magnolias, bayous, train whistles, good seafood, homegrown coffee, jazz, much about Louisiana speaks to me.

  17. Well... my parent's home I can't describe what it is that makes it feel that way. My house smells like cats, does that count? :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. :) I look forward to reading yours as well! Good luck with your continued journey,

    <3 Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

  18. Analisa Says:

    Jenn-thank you for your comments!!

    God among us.-Thanks for following.