Of all the positive traits I think this is the one I admire most. Determination.  I love to hear stories of people who tried and failed yet tried again and again.  I most admire it because it's not one of my strong personality traits. If I keep encountering failure I need time before I make the attempt again. There are things I am very determined to do well at. Other things not so much. Those things nag at me and I dismiss them with, one day I will do that.

One of those things is something almost everyone I know does. Drive.  I don't drive. I've never had a driver's license. I know I know. I have heard it all. So don't fill up the comment box with but how do you manage questions. Oh I took lessons and failed the road test. There was the "professional"  instructor who fell asleep as I was driving.  I didn't wear something sexy to pass as one person advised.  I failed the road test when others said I should have passed. Really?  Where I lived you tested on the road with traffic. The test booklet to study was a tri-fold pamplet with 100 questions and third of those were for motorcycles and trucks. The written I passed every time.  I've been told I am not bad driver by fearless friends who would let me behind the wheel with my learner's permit. So why at this ripe age don't I have my license? I could give you a list but the real answer is simple. I haven't determined to do it.

Like weight loss we may long for the slender person we used to be. However deciding and committing to eat healthy and workout is another matter. Some of us can drum up will power for a short period. Then we fall back into our bad habits. We lack real determination.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.--Provers 3:5

As I have gotten older I discovered that God doesn't expect us to do what is hard for us on our own.
When we try to do the difficult thing on our own we can become critical of ourselves. Why can't I do this, what is wrong with me? It's just shameful I haven't done this yet. Or embittered. Why doesn't someone help me with this?  This is so unfair, it so easy for everyone else. Why has so and so gotten this and I am still struggling. Oh yes, that is what it's like when we try to accomplish things without God.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.--Philippians 4:13

Yes like you I  have some things in this life I haven't achieved. One thing I am determined to do.  I am determined to follow God and live a life that pleases Him. If I never go back to school, ok. If I never drive, ok. If I never ever finish the book, well that's ok too. It's not ok to lack a determined commitment to God.

"You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.--Deuteronomy 6:5

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.--Philippians 3:14

What are you determined to do?

6 Responses
  1. Analisa, I love the pictures you posted with this story.

    It seems to me that failure can be a double edged sword. Sometimes it's God's way of telling us to stop and go in another direction. And other times He is saying, keep at it until you get it right. We must continually ask for God's guidance in these areas. God may not want you to drive. He may be allowing you to fail to keep you from a future tragedy that only He knows. You may be pleasing God by not perusing after your drivers license. And maybe not? Some times these gray areas in life are hard to figure out? ~Ron

  2. Karen Says:

    Analisa a wonderful post! All things are as "rubbish", except for my God. Yet, we live in the world, and He does help us keep on! I need more determination with the diet and exercise, and....

    Good words, today, dear sister.

  3. Wanda Says:

    Analisa, excellent post. I too have some areas I've yet to commit to with wholehearted determination. But I appreciate the reminder that even areas I'm not required to lean upon my determination alone for God is willing and ready to help.

  4. Id say you are doing a lot! And are determined to survive like I am:)

  5. Teri Says:

    I am determined to grin and bear it for as long as is necessary at my job. I am very very lucky to not need the job, but I made a commitment to myself to stick it out for at least year. One day at a time.

  6. Grammy Blick Says:

    The pictures add vision to your wonderful post. I didn't jump into driving at 16 -- took me a couple of years and passed it by the skin of my teeth. A German-born friend of mine was in her mid-thirties before she decided to stay in America after her husband left her. Determination. Mine? To continue seeking to fulfill God's calling, until He calls me home. Then I'll see what new job He has in store.