I got on this a quest for a quilt. So being me I began to store hop via the Internet for hours on end until I found one close to perfect. I wanted one with greens, blues and yellows because I have finally admitted these are my bath and bedroom colors since they keep materializing in my linen closet in spite of my promise of change.
I fell in and out of love with this one and that one. Found some grandmotherly ones, some country ones, some very sophisticated pricey ones. Each quilt held its own beauty but not everyone called out to me. You know how when you find something that really suits you and your eyes own it and your mouth gives a breathy consent (yeah) and they get together and overrule your brain. It is the same principle that makes you eat extra cookies.
Any way my final choice had contrasting patterns that break down like this; some paisley others floral some reddish, some violet, some green, a little blue and some yellow too. When I describe it I must admit it doesn't sound pretty, like describing a wedding grown. Oh it was creamy white and beaded down to the waist where it cinched and had this long flowing skirt. See you have to admit that sounded pretty. However quilt patterns multi colors and designs are one of the rare things that where it seems like it would be a conflict there is harmony instead. Laid out in the right way the colors and patterns enhance each other. Some of the squares standing alone I would not find attractive, but in the quilt they are wonderful.
Like our life’s patterns of heartbreak, achievements, laughter, disappointments, pain and joy. They come with colors like red, violent, brown, blue yellow and orange and can make up a slow sunset leading to a dark night or a the bursting sunrise of a happy day. I mean who would want to be on the pain square all the time? You will agree that just the right touch of it will make that joy square look like heaven.
Did I say how good it looks on my bed?
I don't like standard beauty. There is no beauty without strangeness.--Karl Lagerfeld
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