Word: A unit of language consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. When I was a kid my Mother purchased a massive dictionary. It was six inches thick and by my scrawny arm estimate at least ten pounds. That huge book was the catalyst that repeatedly collapsed our wobbly bookcase until we wised up and began to keep it on the bottom shelf. I loved to look up the most overused word in the English language, love. Inside that massive volume were almost as many definitions of love than applications. With words application is everything. Respect words. They are adaptable and have the ability to transform with time. Words like gay, cool, lame, and bad have changed from the days when my mother was a girl. We can use words so carelessly like we still believe that old rhyme we chanted as children. Sticks and stones May break my bones But words will never hurt me. What a big lie that is. Any shrink worth their couch will tell you the words you hear about yourself especially during childhood have impact. Words are alive. Don’t think so? The bible has a scripture that reads. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. (Proverbs 18:21). Take an objective look around you, the words you have spoken, or let’s say planted, have shown up in your life. Your life is what you say it is. Speaking the wrong words can kill a dream, break a heart, stop a plan, and steal your years. Are you fulfilled? Do you have peace? Are you living the life you desire? If not check the words that hang out in your head, reside in your heart, form on your tongue, and are spoken with your mouth. No exceptions, no dismissals. Capture them unspoken inside the mind and look them over. If you find they don’t enhance you or your family and friends. Replace them with new words that give hope, love and encouragement. Maybe you should call my mother, she still has that ten pound dictionary. We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.—Roderick Thorpe
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  1. jdcoughlin Says:

    That word thing, dropped it on someone today. Called them short when I meant to say shorter. Actually my brain said shorter, but my mouth didn't follow up and dropped the last bit. I could see in the person's eyes they were hit with my word. I couldn't take it back, so I put some nicer ones on top. Don't think it helped.
    PS Great blog!

  2. You are correct! I was in Las Vegas, NV - and it is the last place I ever expected to be! Too loud, too much excess, not enough nature, etc!

    email me at kmtrain at hotmail dot com and send me your address to get your signed copy of Tender Graces - and congrats!!!

  3. Glad to find YOUR blog, Analisa--call or email me so we can catch up!

  4. *Smiling at you* Your book should get there soon - I had to order some! I thought I had books here, but I did not; dang me! So, my books came in yesterday - now I can get yours in the mail...*smiling*

  5. Analisa Says:

    Thanks Kat, I am sure when it gets here it will be the perfect time.