Ok one thing I hate are computer viruses. My system has fought off two attacks this week and both of those came as I was visiting blogs. First the page would not close and then about ten of them opened.  So I think  maybe something is lurking out here in Blogspot land. 

I consider myself pretty savy when it comes to visiting sites and I am on the internet a lot. So is my 17 year old. He hasn't encountered any problems and mine as I said have only been when I have blogged.

So if you haven't been diligent to run scans, I suggest you do. Also you might want to ad some additional spyware and virus protection.  Thanks to my personal tech guru Terrance I have Windows Defender, Avast, Spyware Terminator and Clean Up which my son and I both run before we shut down.

This may seem a little extreme I know. I lost my first book to a computer virus, I had no back ups nothing.  I was devestated and didn't go back to writing for several years after.  So I take viruses very seriously. I will also of course pray against this happening to any of you.

My mission is complete. All my blogger friends and visitors consider yourselves loved and warned. 

This message will be replaced within 48 hours with my regular blog no further instructions will be given. :)
5 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    Oh my goodness. Thanks for the savy hints. My old computer seemed to catch everything. This ones better, maybe better security.

  2. IanH Says:

    Thanksfor the heads up. No problems so far!

  3. Wanda Says:

    Appreciate the warning.

  4. Grammy Blick Says:

    You've given excellent advice. I worked in software development and there are more ways to get a virus than users realize.

    But -- book?? Book?!? I didn't know you were an author (well, other than the blog) What's the title?

  5. I had that happen before - the weird thing where all the blog windows just kept coming and coming and coming and I had to shut down to stop it! hasn't happened in a while, but - ergh!